1. Each Registration Form is designed for up to 30 Players.  The following number of Players may be registered:
    • U8 & U9:           10 Players
    • U10 & U11:        14 Players
    • U12 & U13:        18 Players
    • U14 to U16:       22 Players
    • U17 to Ladies:   30 Players
  2. Photographs submitted must be passport-approved and also fulfil the following criteria (otherwise the whole Team Registration may be rejected):
    • recent (taken within the last 6 months);
    • at least 31mm high x 24mm wide;
    • undamaged, for example by creases from paper clips;
    • of the Player on their own (no hats or scarves);
    • a close-up of the Player’s head only;
    • of the Player facing forwards looking straight towards the camera;
    • of the Player’s full head without any head covering, except for religious beliefs or medical reasons;
    • nothing covering the Player’s face
  3. Photographs should be attached with the documents e-mailed to the Registration Secretary clearly named with the correct details i.e. Player 1 Photograph matches Player 1 Details etc.
  4. Player’s details must be entered on the Registration Form, the Player must sign to confirm their desire to play for the Team & the Player’s parent/guardian must sign to confirm their consent for the Player to play for the Team and for the Player’s data to be used for the purpose of their registration to the League.  No person is permitted to sign on behalf of the Player or the parent/guardian.  Player’s Registration Number from the League’s Prawn Sandwich website should be entered (if known).
  5. Evidence of date of birth is required to be seen by the Club/Team Secretary for each Player being registered to verify that they are in all respects eligible to play in the League at the age group for which registration is sought.
  6. The Club/Team Secretary must complete the Club Name, Team Name & Age Group on the Registration Form.
  7. The Club/Team Secretary must countersign the Registration Form to confirm that all details entered on the Registration Form are correct and agreeing to the declaration on the Registration Form.
  8. The completed Team Registration Form should be submitted electronically to the Registration Secretary.
  9. Player Registration ID Cards can be collected on the Collection Evening, details of which will be published on the SCWGL website.
  10. The Registration process is time-consuming and it may not be possible for the Registration Secretary to return any telephone calls.  Callers should leave a clear message on the answering machine detailing any query which will be dealt with as quickly as possible. Alternatively, a quicker response may be obtained by e-mailing the Registration Secretary at