The following of the below code of conduct is a requirement of membership to the SCWGL

The following text outlines the SCWGL Code of Conduct which is a requirement for all Clubs who wish to join the SCWGL.  Failure to sign this document would result in that Club not being accepted into the SCWGL.

Acceptance of Clubs into this League will be subject to the approval of the League Management Committee (MC). All decisions relating to the acceptance of Clubs will be final with no right of appeal. The interest of all Member Clubs will be paramount at all times.

All Clubs must have a Child Protection Policy. This Policy is for all age groups and must be available either in hard copy or electronically for all persons associated with your Club. The SCWGL MC have a right to inspect that Policy at any time during the playing season.

All Clubs will ensure that their officials/teams abide by the Laws of the Football Association and those Rules as detailed in the SCWGL Handbook.

It is a requirement of membership to the SCWGL that all Club Officials, Managers, Assistant Managers, Coaches, or any person/s who represent the Club and its team/s will ensure the well being and safety of all players, spectators, and officials at all times whilst engaged in any playing activity which are governed within the rules of the SCWGL.

All Club Officials, Managers, Assistant Managers, Coaches or Committee Member/s are responsible for the behaviour of their team players and supporters. (It is suggested that each player and parent/guardian sign a Club Code of Conduct agreement, clearly stating what your Club expects in terms of behaviour whilst attending fixtures. This should include the use of bad language, aggressive behaviour, gestures or physical contact which will be not be tolerated and disciplinary action may be taken not only by your Club but also the County Football Association and the SCWGL).

Racism will not be tolerated within the League.

All Club Officials will ensure that they instill within their players the conduct of fair play, sportsmanship and equality on and off the field of play.

The persons agreeing to this Code of Conduct accept that the SCWGL have the authority to fine or suspend for any period of time any Club Official or player whose conduct falls below an acceptable standard that is determined by the MC.

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