Since the SCWGL are unlikely to appoint Referees, the following applies to fall in line with good practice:

  • The appointed Referee MUST be qualified and MUST be registered with a County FA for the current season. Club Secretaries are asked to keep records
  • Clubs must make every effort to protect the Referee from being perceived as potentially biased

You MUST NOT do the following:

  • Appoint a brother / sister to officiate a match in which a sibling is playing
  • Appoint a son/daughter/brother/sister to officiate in a match where a parent or close relation is managing the Team
  • Appoint U14-U18 Referees regularly to the same Team to avoid familiarity creeping in. Impartiality is important for the Referee
  • Allow the Team Manager and/or Team Coach of an U16 and/or U18 Team to officiate a match involving their own Team

If appointing a qualified Referee is a problem, please follow the process outlined in the SCWGL Rules here.