Despite our Referees Secretary’s tireless efforts over the past few seasons, the SCWGL Member Clubs’ reluctance to share referee information means that it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that the League will be in a position to appoint Referees to the SCWGL from the SYL (boys) pool of Referees.  The onus, therefore, is on SCWGL Clubs & Teams to appoint their own Referees (following the Guidance below). However, if there is a particular match which warrants a League appointed Referee, the Referee Secretary, will use their best endeavours to assist. Please bear in mind there is more likelihood of a Referee being available for an afternoon kick-off.

Clubs should submit a request by email to the Referees Secretary no later than Monday preceding the Sunday match, giving the following details:

  • Club
  • Age Group
  • Match
  • Venue
  • Kick-Off Time

If a referee can be allocated to your fixture, the Club & Referee will be e-mailed confirmation and the Club must telephone the Referee within 24 hours to confirm the appointment. Failure to do so may result in the Referee being appointed to an alternative match and the Club being fined for failing to confirm with the official.