In the event that your FA Squad List is not available, the OPPOSING team’s Senior Official MUST, prior to kick off, witness the completion of this Team Check Form by the team who do not have the FA Squad List available.

The following process must be strictly followed:

  • Each player, including all substitutes, MUST print their own name, fill in their date of birth and sign the Form
  • No player information can be completed before or during the witnessing of this by anyone other than the player(s)
  • The completed Form MUST then be fully completed by the OPPOSING team’s Senior Official (witness) and any comments must be made in the comment box, including any doubts about player authenticity
  • This Form MUST be sent by the OPPOSING team to the Registration Secretary within THREE (3) days of the date of the match. Any team that fails to comply with any of the above processes shall be fined in accordance with the Fines Tariff.  Any team that fails to produce the FA Squad List and not complete the Form as required in this Rule shall be charged with bringing the League into disrepute