Dear Club Secretaries

Last season’s Survey indicated that the majority of Clubs wanted a “seeding” period prior to final Divisional placement.

The Transition Divisions have been formulated based on a number of factors, including last season’s performance, specific requests and, in some cases, educated guesswork for new teams based on information provided on applications.

The idea is that each Transition Division will play each other once during the “transition period” and, when results are available for analysis, “competitive” Divisions will be formed based on those results From that point onwards, each team is committed to remain in that Competitive Division for the remainder of the season.

If, during the transition period, it becomes apparent that a team is beating their opponents by huge margins or a team is suffering huge losses, teams can quickly and easily be moved into a different Division causing minimal upheaval and, since there will be no League Tables, it will have no bearing.  Accordingly, there is no need for teams to have concerns about their initial placement as the competitive Divisions will be formulated on informed decisions based on fact gained from analytical data.

Since the transition period effectively minimises the number of weeks available   The number of teams in each Competitive Division will not necessarily accord with the number of teams in each Transition Division and the system will develop as data becomes available for analysis.

I would remind you that the SCWGL Committee are merely implementing what YOU as Member Clubs voted for in last season’s Survey.  This is new to us all so please do not bombard us with Divisional requests as the Competitive Divisions will be formulated using the analytical data available to us.


Karen Bailey
General Secretary
Surrey County Womens & Girls League