1. Ensure that you are conversant with the Rules of the League and Cup Competitions. Ignorance of the Rules is no excuse. Every person concerned with running a Team or Club should download and READ a copy of the League Rules available online.
  2. Ensure that you give 5 days’ notice (usually Tuesday) of matches by e-mail to your opponents and the referee. Always acknowledge receipt of match notification by return e-mail.
  3. Check the colour of your opponent’s playing kit to ensure that there is no clash of colours. If so, the home team changes.
  4. If you have a free Sunday, bring matches forward in consultation with your opponents and the Fixture Secretary. Only the Fixture Secretary has the right to postpone matches – Team Managers do not!
  5. If there are any changes to match details (i.e. venue, time, date) you should advise not only your opponents but also your Fixture Secretary.
  6. Remember that players are not eligible to play until they appear on the Teams’ FA Club Portal Squad List, which the Manager must have in possession at all games.
  7. Match Reports must be completed and submitted by 23:59 on the day of the match (usually 23:59 on Sunday). Incomplete, incorrect or late Reports will incur a fine.
  8. If you think your pitch is unfit for play, warn your opponents and the referee at the earliest possible opportunity and arrange for an inspection to be made. Managers MUST offer their opponents the opportunity to host the match as per League Rules.
  9. All monies payable to the League should be paid promptly by BACS. Remember that fines will be doubled if not paid within 14 days. If not paid within 28 days, fixtures will be withdrawn until payment has been made.
  10. Be courteous to referees. Despite your opinion of their capability, you cannot play football without them.
  11. All Teams will be deemed to be available every Sunday both for AM and PM kick offs. Applications for leave of absence from the League for such items as Easter Tours etc must be made by e-mail to your Fixture Secretary as soon as details are known but not less than 21 days’ notice must be given. Leave of absence will only be permitted on 2 occasions in any one season at the discretion of the Management Committee.
  12. Please familiarise yourself with the “Submitting Results” Page. REMEMBER that both home and away teams must e-mail their Fixture Secretary with results or postponements of all County Cup fixtures on the day of the match.
  13. Double Headers – If there are no free dates left the Fixture Secretary may order a “double header” to be played. A double header is 2 games of short duration. The minimum time should be played for both halves. For example, each half in a U15 double header will be 25 minutes each way. A double header consists of 4 halves of football. Both games are independent. They are 2 totally different games that just happen to be played one after another. The second game can consist of a completely different set of players. Any substitutions, cautions and sendings-off in the first game do not count in the second game. It is usual for the second game to be refereed by the same person but not compulsory. For the purpose of the results, the visitors are the home team for the second game. Two sets of Match Reports must be submitted. Please refer to Rule 20 (B) regarding referee fees which should be split equally between the teams. Four halves must be played. One game (i.e. 2 halves) cannot count as 2 games. You cannot play one game (2 halves) and count the first half as one game and the second half as the other game.
  14. Please remember that League Officers can only help you if you help them. The preferred method of contact is e-mail. If you must telephone a League Officer do not do so after 9.00 pm and if they do not answer, please leave a message so they can return your call at a convenient time. Please do not pester League Officers with trivial problems that you are quite capable of resolving yourself. Most queries can be answered by actually READING the Rule Book.
  15. Please make all your Team Managers aware of potential Cup Final dates. These dates are non-negotiable and teams need to be aware that their Final could take place during the Easter School Holidays and their parents/players should plan accordingly.