2 (G)Failure to Affiliate£100.00

2 (I) (i)Failure to Comply with FA Initiatives£100.00

2 (I) (viii)Failure to Provide RESPECT Barrier£25.00

2 (K)Unauthorised Entry of Teams into Competitions£100.00

2 (K)Failure to Advise which FA or County Cup Competition Entered£25.00

3Failure to Obtain Consent for Change of Club Name£30.00

4 (E)Failure to Provide Affiliation Number/Details£100.00

5 (E)Communications Conducted by Persons Other Than Chair/Secretary£25.00

6 (H)Failure to Comply with an Instruction of The Management Committee or attend to Competition Business£100.00

6 (I)Failure to Pay a Fine within 14 Days of NoticeDouble Original Fine

6 (L)Failure to Notify Change of E-Mail Address£20.00

6 (M)Failure to Notify Club Officer Changes£25.00

6 (O)Failure to Attend Disciplinary Meeting£40.00

6 (P)Failure to Attend RESPECT Meeting£40.00

6 (Q)Failure to Attend Sportsmanship Mark Meeting£40.00

8 (H)Failure to Attend AGM£50.00

9Failure to Attend SGM£50.00

10Failure to Submit Required Written Agreement or Notify Changes to Signatories£25.00

11 (A)Failure to Resign Within 30 Days of AGM£100.00

11 (B)Failure to Commence or Complete Fixtures£100.00

11 (E)Withdrawal of Team£100.00

13 (A)Failure to Submit Required Written Agreement Regarding the Cup / Shield£25.00

13 (C)Non-Attendance at Presentation Ceremony£50.00

13 (D)Failure to Attend Presentation Ceremony with Minimum Number of Players£50.00

13 (E)Failure to Return Cup / Shield£35.00

13 (E)Failure to Engrave Cup / Shield & Failure to Clean Cup / Shield£20.00

16 (A)Failure to Have Required Insurance£100.00

16 (B)Failure to Have Required Insurance£100.00

18 (A)Failure to Correctly Register a Player£40.00

18 (A)Failure to Return ID Card – £3.00 per Card£30.00

18 (B) (iii)Failure to Register Required Number of Players Prior to Commencement of Playing Season£25.00

18 (F)Signing or Playing For Multiple Clubs or Inaccurate Completion of a Registration Form£25.00

18 (G) (ii)Registration Irregularities£100.00

18 (N)Playing an Ineligible Player£100.00

18 (O) (i)Failure to Give Priority to School Activities£50.00

18 (Q)Failure to Attend Collection Meeting / Failure to Collect ID Cards£35.00

19 (A)Failure to Number Shirts – £10.00 per Shirt£30.00

19 (A)Delaying Kick Off due to Not Having Change of Colours£30.00

19 (B)Failure to Obtain Consent for a Change of Club Colours£30.00

20 (A)Delaying Kick Off£30.00

20 (A)Lack of Appurtenances or First Aid – per item£30.00

20 (A)Deliberately Delaying Kick Off£50.00

20 (B)Failure to Play Matches on Date Fixed£100.00

20 (B)Failure to Comply with Double Header Rules£50.00

20 (C)Failure to Provide or Acknowledge Details of a Fixture£50.00

20 (D)Failure to have Minimum Number of Players to Constitute a Team£50.00

20 (E) (ii)Failure to Notify all Parties of Postponed/Cancelled Fixture£30.00

20 (E) (ii)Failure to Complete Match Result Card for Postponed/Cancelled Fixture£10.00

20 (E) (iii)Failure to Agree New Date for Postponed/Cancelled Fixture£30.00

20 (H)No Captain’s Armband£10.00

20 (I)Failure to Exchange/Check ID Cards£50.00

20 (J)Failure to Correctly Complete Team ID Check Form / Failure to Send to Registration Secretary£20.00

20 (K)Failure to Produce ID Cards to Management Committee Officer£20.00

20 (O) (iii)Postponement after 8.00pm Tuesday£10.00

20 (O) (iv)Postponement after 12.00 NOON Saturday£25.00

21 (A)Failure to Complete Match Result CardFirst Offence£5.00
Failure to Complete Match Result CardSubsequent Offence£20.00

21 (C)Failure to Accurately Complete Match Result Card£20.00

21 (D)Failure to Comply with Rules Regarding Publication of Results£50.00

21 (E)Failure to Notify County Cup ResultFirst Offence£5.00
Failure to Notify County Cup ResultSubsequent Offence£20.00

23 (C)Failure to Supply Club Assistant Referee£25.00

23 (D)Failure to Arrange Early Pitch Inspection£25.00

23 (E)Failure to Pay Match Officials’ Fees£25.00

23 (F)Failure to Pay Match Officials if Match is not Played£25.00

23 (H)Failure to Provide Accurate Referee’s Name£10.00

23 (I)Failure to Provide Report to Referee’s Secretary for Low Marking of Referee (0-50 inc)£20.00

23 (M)Team Manager / Coach of U16 or U18 Team officiating own Team£20.00

23 (N)Failure to Contact League Appointed Official 3 days prior to Competition Match£10.00